Friday, 19 May 2017

Exiting changes to my website!


Whats new?

I have been told that my website looks a bit empty, then i thought to myself, what does it need?
Then it came to me... People might be interested in seeing how much views the page got, well i am.

So I dived into a bit of php and javascript to create a page view counter. But this was not enough, i needed MORE! Then i started implementing a download counter, fixed the share links and also added a share counter.

Why don't you go check it out? Maybe you see something you like to implement on your own website, in that case you can contact me via the contact form on the main page.

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Monday, 10 April 2017

Added share button to the app!

Added share button to the app!

Before i started on the server now, i added a share button on the app! 
Why dont you go check it out and test that share button :)

You can get the computer server and the app on the website

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Starting work on the c++ overhall now!

I Just started working on the c++ overhaul for the AMD overclock server!

So i just started re-writing the whole AMD overclock server in c++ it would be compatible with ALOT more users! I think it would be a lot faster than the java version as well!

Hopefully i would be finished by tomorrow, if everything goes well! Ill let you guys know as soon as i am done!

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Thursday, 6 April 2017


So i registered a domain name on and used mobirise to create my new web page! because its a lot cheaper, maybe in the future ill add https :D please go check out the site and tell me what you think! heres the new link:

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Monday, 3 April 2017

On the internet!

I created a website on wix!
So i finally created a website! i decided to use wix because it has a simple form editor and is free.
I want to buy a domain, something like or what do you guys think? i would love some sugestions :), but unfortunitly i do not have the founds for that yet:)
Currently the address to my site is why dont you you check it out?
I think a website looks a bit more formal than a blog. And im pritty happy with the results:)

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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Fedora users! I am to the rescue! And mabey a few other users as well!

Finally working on supporting more linux distributions! I found the problem, thanks to google user Radomir ATANASOV(Check out his channel!)
So after a long day over team viewer and slaving over errors and rebuilds, I think i finally managed to figure out what the problem with the server is! If you got the following error :
  • You downloaded the app
  • You started the server
  • You connect to the PC
  • Bam! some sort of buffer error in the console/Server frozen and nothing hapens 
 Then i have found the solution!
There is a code error in the overdrive5 that does not load the .so library correctly i decided to scratch the whole overdrive5 and Re-Create the whole server from scratch in CPP using AMD Display Library(ADL).

I dont know about you guys! but I am exited  for the new update :) there will be two versions now, a linux version and a windows version.
There might be multiple linux destrobution versions, it all depends on how exactly ADL works.

I also started with a website on wix, I will give an update on that as soon as it got some progress.
My main focus is the server so that there are no compatibility issues :)

I am also planning to add a update feature to the server as well so you dont have to re-download the server every time the app updates. 

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Hope you like this :D
Enjoy Gaming in comfort!
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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Overclock your amd gpu from your phone! Fan control now supported :D

GOT Something for you guys! The app now supports fan control! And looks a bit more neat.

(Links at bottom)

So i finally got fan control implemented as well! Told you so lol :P

Fan control was not all i did, i made the app a bit more error free, by adding a few progress dialog's and alert dialog's! I also implemented a feature that will enable the app to automatically find the server IP address! Don't you think that is a lot better :P

Now for the server. I made the server send and receive updates a bit more frequently because i know there is a bit of a delay when you adjust the sliders on the app. I also fixed the restart and stop server buttons so it really stops and restarts the server.

Back to the app... The app notifies you now when it lost connection to the server. The server also has a fan speed chart now.

I am impressed lol that's a lot of new features!! I also removed the background image from the app to make the text a bit more clear.

I just want to thank Rosalie Goosen for making the icons on the app for me, i still need to contact her to make me a fan image. I would of done it myself buuuttt.... Lets just say people don't understand my art style :D lol.

Here is the screenshots to the new look and feel of the android app : 

And a screenshot of the updated server :

Once again here are the links to make your life a bit more easier :D
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